Mission for longer life

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Life expectancy in US have reached 80 years and some experts claim that babies born in 2011 are 8 times more likely to reach a lifespan of  100 years. The world is getting older and more healthy and we at, at Remnart technologies, want to make sure that every newborn baby would have a chance for a long and healthy life.

We’ve been putting our time and effort into Monbaby product, which was envisioned and designed to prevent Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is the third leading cause of infant death for 2007 and the first leading cause of death among infants ages 1–12 months. A total of 2,453 SIDS deaths occurred in 2007, according to http://www.sidscenter.org/Statistics.html. It’s a tragedy and the most alarming aspect of it is absence of any explanation. There is just not enough data.

MonBaby was created to address the problem of the lack of data and try to mitigate the risk of SIDS.

It works like this: an ankle bracelet or a wristband with a clasp containing our sensor is worn around baby’s arm or an ankle, similar to existing bracelets worn by newborns to prevent baby theft. Clasp contains a sensor that monitors baby health and measures vital health signals. The signal is processed by a chip in a bracelet and send over Bluetooth wireless signal to a wireless reader in the vicinity. Wireless reader then records or transmits the data over WiFi and may trigger an alert if anything goes wrong.

This website and this blog covers our thoughts and our path to developing this product. We are trying to stay as open as possible in this endeavour and we are proponent of open source hardware movement. We will try to establish an acceptable solution and invite people to contribute to it.

As for the market potential of our product, recession or not, the field of medical health monitoring, and the medical electronic devices in general, is rapidly growing. According to DataBeans 2010 Medical Semiconductors report  the market of medical electronic devices, is expected to reach US$191.1 billion by 2015 with 8% annual growth rate.

The reasons behind the growth are increased average life span, aging population and growing demand from emerging markets.

We are hoping that our product will be both useful, popular and profitable.

Our mission statement is a quest for longer life.


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