Kickstarter campaign ended at 50%

Posted on May 27, 2014 | 0 comments

Here is the message from our kickstarter board:


Firstly, thank you for your support!

It is quite close to the deadline and it seems that we won’t be able to hit our original goal. That does not change our drive to bring Monbaby to the market and our determination is as strong as ever.We will keep working on making Monbaby even better.

What it changes for you, is that we will cancel the current campaign, you’re going to get your pledged money back and we will start a fresh one in a month. We learned so much during this run and know that next one will be a success! We are asking you to return and pledge again in the next campaign.

Please keep your current support by supporting our next campaign. For more info please register on our website:

Once again, we appreciate your trust and continued support!

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