Kickstarter funded!

Posted on Nov 12, 2014 | 2 comments

Kickstarter funded!

We’ve reached our funding goal of $15,000 to manufacture MonBaby, and collected more than $16,000, and that is a HUGE accomplishment thanks to all of you for your pledges, comments, likes and shares over the last 30 days.



Monbaby is available now directly on for pre-orders.

Order Monbaby Now!


MonBaby will make a major impact in the lives of families everywhere, giving parents peace of mind and allowing simple, reliable monitoring that helps parents to respond quickly to dangerous conditions and keep their babies safe.

We’ve gained so much inspiration through this campaign, from new parents who want to own the product, from distributors who want to work with us to news outlets that want to feature our product. But most importantly, we’re inspired by the positive feedback from the SIDS communities, research institutes and pediatricians that know firsthand the tragedy of losing a child suddenly and the constant anxiety new parents have about their babies.

These people who endorse the idea of MonBaby are the reason we created it, and the reason our campaign is truly a success.

We want you to know that what we received from you was much more than monetary support!

2 Responses to “Kickstarter funded!”

  1. xuhaijie says:

    Hello, I come from China, I am very interested in your company’s baby monitor button, want to your agent, I don’t know do you have the idea of China market?

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