Monbaby on Fox News!

Posted on Nov 13, 2014 | 2 comments

Monbaby on Fox News!

Today Fox New aired a segment on Monbaby, you can view it here: smart-baby-monitor-aims-to-prevent-infant-deaths

There were couple of minor errors in the video. The accelerometer is not 140 bit, rather 14 bit. To a non-technical mind 14 bits is not much, that is unless it’s 2 to the power of 14.

Another corrections, babies don’t get SIDS. SIDS is still an unknown condition and we cannot prevent it. What Monbaby aim is to help parents to monitor their babies for unsafe conditions, such as sleeping on a stomach.

Other from those two minor errors, the video was an awesome chance for us to spread the word about the Monbaby. Huge thanks to Douglas Kennedy and his team and to Fox News Channel!



2 Responses to “Monbaby on Fox News!”

  1. LINDA UFKES says:

    I have already pre-ordered your MonBaby device for my new grandbaby even though I do not quite understand it. I told the parents about it, that it is an app for their phone, and they are NOT excited about it…BECAUSE they have limited phone time on their cell phone plan. Can I get a refund???? Thank you. LINDA (cell# 217-440-5100).

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