monBridge – BLE-to-WIFI bridge

Posted on Oct 17, 2015 | 4 comments

We end up developing our own solution for BLE-to-WIFI bridge. Check it out: monBridge

You can find it on google play.

See the video for the demo of the monBridge app on the Android stick:


4 Responses to “monBridge – BLE-to-WIFI bridge”

  1. When will this be available for IOS devices. I have extra iPhones but no android devices.

    • I don’t think it will be available on iOS. It is the problem with Apple policies, and not us choosing Android. The problem is that Apple bans the access to network libraries that make monBridge possible. As a result we are forced to develop only on Android platform.

  2. Hello, how many BLE addresses can this Android app support?

    With this app on Google Android TV Stick,
    share how:
    . The app is installed.
    . To access from Laptop wifi,
    the ble devices this app is communicating with
    (I just set up BLE addresses and wifi address in app & it just works?).

    This is an example TV stick:

    BTW, there isn’t a version of this app that runs on w7, is there?

    -Dan 408-410-5952

    • BLE 4.0 stack supports up to 12, but our implementation is one-on-one. You can install the app from Google Play and you connect the app from the phone ad-hoc network interface.

      We since moved away from android stick, due to variable and sub-par quality of hardware and instead using Amazon Fire tablet. check it out on our website

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