About us


Our Mission

Improving quality of life with wearable technologies and data algorithms.

Our story

When we embarked on our mission, we did not know how rocky will the ride be. Three years ago we did not have much competition in the market space of wearable baby monitors, now this place is heating up. This only makes us more passionate and more convinced that we are on the right path.

As former colleagues and NJ neighbors, we met with an idea to pursue projects outside of financial IT that combine wireless hardware, software and firmware programming with the power of data analytic’s, as we share love and passion about those technologies.

We came up with a concept of a Smart Button, where a wearable sensor can be attached anywhere on your clothing to send measured data about your movements to a smartphone or a computer. Now-days there are plenty of wearable sensors that focus on healthy people and athletes, and not much coverage for people who actually need health monitoring, on sick people. We decided that our first product will cater to parents of newborns, followed by caretakers of elderly and sick.

We are technologists and data analysts, who are experienced in diversified software and hardware development, quantitative analysis and problem solving with combined 20 years of experience in Wall Street finance. We want to apply ideas, methods and technologies that have worked so well in Financial IT to area of care giving, to improve lives of people in the need of care.

Our team

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