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We have passed FCC certification

The FCC TCB certification for the Monbaby Device has been completed.

FCC Certification












Many thanks to JB Kim and Device Factory for the help in getting the certification.

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Monbaby on Fox News!

Monbaby on Fox News!

Today Fox New aired a segment on Monbaby, you can view it here: smart-baby-monitor-aims-to-prevent-infant-deaths

There were couple of minor errors in the video. The accelerometer is not 140 bit, rather 14 bit. To a non-technical mind 14 bits is not much, that is unless it’s 2 to the power of 14.

Another corrections, babies don’t get SIDS. SIDS is still an unknown condition and we cannot prevent it. What Monbaby aim is to help parents to monitor their babies for unsafe conditions, such as sleeping on a stomach.

Other from those two minor errors, the video was an awesome chance for us to spread the word about the Monbaby. Huge thanks to Douglas Kennedy and his team and to Fox News Channel!



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We are starting FCC testing

We just picked up a testing lab that would go take our Monbaby prototype PCB board through rigorous and thorough tests, so that we can achieve FCC certification.

As Monbaby talks to a smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy, we want to make sure that the transmission from the device is under limits approved by the FCC. In the end of the certification we will get the FCC Declaration of Conformity or the FCC label.

The lab is in Baltimore Maryland.

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Picked up a PCB manufacturing facility

We’ve picked a local manufacturer of PCB, brains of Monbaby, in Nutley in New Jersey.

“”"Established in 1968, PNC Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of Rigid, Flex and Rigi-Flex printed circuit boards (PCBs). Located in Nutley, NJ, we are the largest circuit boards manufacturer in the area.”"”

They going to start on manufacturing next week and PCB boards will be ready in 4 weeks, (if there is no delay).

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Kickstarter funded!

Kickstarter funded!

We’ve reached our funding goal of $15,000 to manufacture MonBaby, and collected more than $16,000, and that is a HUGE accomplishment thanks to all of you for your pledges, comments, likes and shares over the last 30 days.


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Dr. Shorman talks about SIDS



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New Testjig/Programmer video



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THANK YOU to those of you who came out to support us at the last night’s New York Tech Meetup!

Our demo of Monbaby features was well-received by hundreds of audience members and media. You can check out the video of our demo here:

The full NYTM videocast is here (our section begins at the 40-minute mark).

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kickstarter reload

kickstarter reload

Today, Oct 6th, Mondevices re-launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Monbaby.
Click on a link to go to the campaign.


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Monbaby at NY Tech Meetup tonight

Monbaby is going to NY Tech Meetup tonight to demo technology and to announce the start of a new Kickstarter campaign!



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Off the Monbaby technology mill – Aug 2014

The last week Monbaby technology team was busy on improving existing algorithms and finishing off a new design of an enclosure. During our live customer tests, we received a complaint from one dad, a friend of mine, about false positive on rollover alarms, caused by an overly active baby. Our latest improvements address this complaints.

Here is the video with rollover algorithm demo:


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Lack of movement and breathing detection

This is demo of Monbaby product in action. I’m showing a demo of two features based on corresponding algorithms. One is detection of lack of motion and another one is detection of lack of breathing. Note that those two are separate, you can still be moving and not breathing.

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Kickstarter re-launched Oct 6th

Today, Oct 6th, Mondevices started a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Monbaby. It’s a baby monitor in a button that attaches to clothing. The goal of Monbaby to alleviate parents anxiety about well-being of their newborn babies.

Click on a kickstarter link to go to the campaign!

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Monbaby In Press

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Kickstarter campaign ended at 50%

Here is the message from our kickstarter board:


Firstly, thank you for your support!

It is quite close to the deadline and it seems that we won’t be able to hit our original goal. That does not change our drive to bring Monbaby to the market and our determination is as strong as ever.We will keep working on making Monbaby even better.

What it changes for you, is that we will cancel the current campaign, you’re going to get your pledged money back and we will start a fresh one in a month. We learned so much during this run and know that next one will be a success! We are asking you to return and pledge again in the next campaign.

Please keep your current support by supporting our next campaign. For more info please register on our website:

Once again, we appreciate your trust and continued support!

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Diving into the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference

Mondevices went to San Francisco to dive in the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference

Stay tuned

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NJBIZ published article about Monbaby

NJBIZ, NJ weekly business journal, published an article about us:

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Our kickstarter campaign is at a tipping point!

Our campaign have reached so called tipping point of 30%,!

Thank you! But let’s keep the momentum going. Please tell you friends and families about us and spread the word!

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Mondevices are going to the Shark Tank!

Mondevices are getting into the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference in San Francisco this April:

Mondevices will be one of the “…three start-up companies or entrepreneurs will pitch a new and innovative product/technology … to our Shark Tank Panelists to get future business connections, advice and guidance. The selected projects will also have the opportunity of presenting in front of our 200+ audience of brand owners, end users, apparel companies, wearable technology developers, design agencies, integrators, electronics suppliers, fashion technologies and future textile professionals.”

We are honored and fired up by this opportunity!

Stay tuned for more news!

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Gizmag wrote an article about Monbaby campaign

Gizmag published an article about Monbaby and this campaign:

One small correction to the article: “Looking like a large button, the device features a built-in MEMS 140-bit accelerometer to track motion, the baby’s orientation, activity levels and breathing.”

It should read 14-bit accelerometer.

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