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Kickstarter re-launched Oct 6th

Today, Oct 6th, Mondevices started a brand new Kickstarter campaign for Monbaby. It’s a baby monitor in a button that attaches to clothing. The goal of Monbaby to alleviate parents anxiety about well-being of their newborn babies.

Click on a kickstarter link to go to the campaign!

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The MonBaby In 2014 Press

Here are all the collections of news stories about the MonBaby

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Kickstarter campaign ended at 50%

Here is the message from our kickstarter board:


Firstly, thank you for your support!

It is quite close to the deadline and it seems that we won’t be able to hit our original goal. That does not change our drive to bring Monbaby to the market and our determination is as strong as ever.We will keep working on making Monbaby even better.

What it changes for you, is that we will cancel the current campaign, you’re going to get your pledged money back and we will start a fresh one in a month. We learned so much during this run and know that next one will be a success! We are asking you to return and pledge again in the next campaign.

Please keep your current support by supporting our next campaign. For more info please register on our website:

Once again, we appreciate your trust and continued support!

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Diving into the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference

Mondevices went to San Francisco to dive in the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference

Stay tuned

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NJBIZ published article about Monbaby

NJBIZ, NJ weekly business journal, published an article about us:

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Our kickstarter campaign is at a tipping point!

Our campaign have reached so called tipping point of 30%,!

Thank you! But let’s keep the momentum going. Please tell you friends and families about us and spread the word!

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Mondevices are going to the Shark Tank!

Mondevices are getting into the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference in San Francisco this April:

Mondevices will be one of the “…three start-up companies or entrepreneurs will pitch a new and innovative product/technology … to our Shark Tank Panelists to get future business connections, advice and guidance. The selected projects will also have the opportunity of presenting in front of our 200+ audience of brand owners, end users, apparel companies, wearable technology developers, design agencies, integrators, electronics suppliers, fashion technologies and future textile professionals.”

We are honored and fired up by this opportunity!

Stay tuned for more news!

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Gizmag wrote an article about Monbaby campaign

Gizmag published an article about Monbaby and this campaign:

One small correction to the article: “Looking like a large button, the device features a built-in MEMS 140-bit accelerometer to track motion, the baby’s orientation, activity levels and breathing.”

It should read 14-bit accelerometer.

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Kickstarter is in progress!

Kickstarter is in progress!

Monbaby launched on Kickstarter, please go to the campaign link:!

Please also check out our product page:


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Baby Monitor in a Button

Baby Monitor in a Button

Monbaby is a wearable sleep sensor for your newborn baby packed in a “smart” button. “Smart button” technology is a universal sleep analyzer that can be attached to any article of clothing. It snaps just as easily to your father’s favorite pajamas as to your newborn baby onesies.

This technology have won a special prize in WT 2014 competition in Munich

This technology is applicable to all ages, but we decided to first implement it parents of newborn babies and small kids.

Using this product you will be able to lift your anxiety about how your newborn babies sleep at night. Monbaby does it by measuring and classifying motion, movements, position, orientation and activity levels and sending it to parents smartphone. It detects breathing and falls and streams data to a smartphone app, where information is displayed in a convenient, easy-to-understand manner.

Monbaby – sleep sensor in a smart button from Arturas Vaitaitis

Monbaby contains a precise MEMS 14bit accelerometer that measures movements, breathing, orientation and activity level. Measurements are done in real-time, 5 times per second and transmitted over Bluetooth (4.0) Low Energy to an iPhone app or any Smart Bluetooth capable device. The sensor is powered by 3V coin-cell battery giving 5 weeks of constant use and 1 year in passive mode. The antenna operating range is 40 ft in the line of sight, but it may be more limited in some homes depending on environment, such as wall materials, electromagnetic noise and other obstructions.

Measurements are transmitted over Bluetooth (4.0) Low Energy to an iPhone or Android smartphone

The latest crowd-funding campaign video:

The video of a fully functional prototype for iPhone is here:

and for Android here:

Here is our presentation at CES 2012:

Smartphone apps re-transmit data further to a cloud, so that information could be shared on the web site. Historical data can be viewed on the web. Our Bio-Data Analytics Library is developed to apply more sophisticated data analysis to detect any deviations from norm. We see it as a step toward real-time diagnosis.

Unlike existing baby monitors that only monitor baby activity passively, Monbaby warns parents if baby turned around and sleeping on a stomach, giving parents plenty of time to go and turn baby face up, as sleeping on stomach has risks associated with SIDS. It also does not have dangerous cords. RF emissions of Bluetooth Low Energy are 10 times less than existing baby monitors RF emissions. Most importantly we working on Bio-Data Analytics Tools that could integrate with other devices and databases.

Same technology stack works for your elder parents from convenience of their homes.

People wear jewelry, rings, bracelets. In the future, we see all the jewelry will perform function of health monitoring. We envision development of the whole new markets of Bio-Data analytics, where jewelry and clothing will turn into real-time health monitors and will be part of on-going real-time diagnosis systems. No longer will we go to doctors for them to find out what’s wrong, doctors will call us when they see troubling signs on our health dashboard.
We see Monbaby as a first step towards it.

Monbaby let’s you know that your loved ones are sleeping fine.

What can Monbaby measure?

  • Movement
  • Freefall
  • Shaking
  • Body temperature [not yet implemented]

Who should use Monbaby?

  • Any household who has babies or young children
  • Newborn babies in hospital nursery room
  • Young children in hospital pediatric department
  • Elderly in the elderly caring facilities
  • Folks who need active external care

What devices can be used to receive Monbaby?

Monbaby was designed with adopted health care profiles of Bluetooth 4.0, therefore any Bluetooth LE compatible devices can be used as the data receiver.  For example, iPhones, android phones, PC with a BLE doggle, or even a monitoring watch …etc. The detail can be illustrated by the following diagram:-

What are the other potential usages?

  • Vital signals tracking logs
    • Collected data can be stored on the receiver device for a set amount of time. 
    • When pediatrician asks for the fever information, simply pull out the history log in a second of effort.
  • Cloud access for the health data
    • Check your baby condition any time anywhere.
  • Data analysis for research purpose
    • With a big users base, all the health data can be collected anonymously for research purpose. 
    • Health experts can now have some solid real-life data to base on for their research.

Any concerns about using Monbaby?

  • Radio Frequency (RF) emission
    • Monbaby uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for its wireless data transmission.
    • Compare to a lot of existing baby monitoring products currently sold in the market, BLE incurs only a small fraction of RF emission.
    • Wireless transmission can also be minimized by configuring the device to send data only on critical events.
  • Battery
    • Monbaby operates on a CR2032 3V battery.


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Mondevices are going to Wearables DevCon

Mondevices are traveling to Wearables DevCon conference in San Francisco. Will keep you posted

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Our Product is Smart Clothing Winner at Innovation World Cup in Munich

Our Product is Smart Clothing Winner at Innovation World Cup in Munich

We came back from Munich and not empty handed but with a prize!

Mondevices have won a special prize for best Smart Clothing solution for a smart button product.

Here is the link to their PR and a excerpt from it below: and the transcript is

here: 140128_PR_WT IWC_Winner
And, last but not least, the best Smart Clothing solution, also a special prize, went to Smart Button by Artur Technologies LLC. The button can be attached to any pajama or nightgown to monitor sleep movements, activities, and breathing in real-time, streaming the data to a mobile device.

Now Mondevices is listed in WT hall of fame:


Thank you Munich!

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Creating hypnogram from accelerometer based signal

Creating hypnogram from accelerometer based signal

Presented here are results of preliminary sleep analysis. This paper documents an attempt to create a hypnogram (
using purely sleep activity data recorded by Monbaby ( sensor. The subject was yours truly.


Typically hypnograms are done using EEG, this is an attempt to do it using 3D accelerometer signal.

Below is a hypnogram of normal, healthy adult copied from the Wikipedia article.


Methodology was to convert raw output of accelerometer into a proxy signal that represents activity – first graph above on the first figure.
Second graph is aggregation of number of abrupt movements plotted over time, time interval for aggregation is 30 minutes. The interval divided into 5 quantiles that represent 5 stages of sleep. They are represented as horizontal dotted lines on a second graph. Anything above the top line is Wake state, everything below bottom, deep sleep. Not sure if this method can detect REM state, but it will be among lower quantiles.

So far those are inconclusive results and the method to derive hypnogram from accelerometer data remains untested. But it looks sufficiently encouraging to continue research.

-Arturas Vaitaitis Ph.D.2014-01-24

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Mondevices is a finalist in 2014 WT competition and going to Munich!!!

I’ve submitted idea behind Monbaby technology as a “smart button” idea to WT 2014 competition and won a finalist placement in a special category: “Smart Textiles”. As a result Mondevices are invited to WT 2014 conference in Munich and we are going!!!


Here is the expert from their press release:

The Count-down is on: Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup Announces Finalists
Winners will be awarded at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe
Herrsching, Jan. 13 2014 – End of November 2013 the leading competition for innovative wearable technologies, the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup, closed its database – and the excitement began. Since then, an international panel of experts has evaluated all entries. With over 600 participants from 69 countries, the panel had a huge number of groundbreaking solutions to choose from, showing how big the potential for the growth of wearable tech is and will continue to be. After a challenging evaluation time, the jury selected the five best of each category.
Andrea Onetti General Manager of Analog and Audio Systems Division at STMicroelectronics says: “It was extremely difficult to narrow the field and choose the best solutions from among all these cutting-edge submissions the Innovation World Cup received. The submissions showed an outstanding level of innovation and ingenuity. The great number of submissions also proves how important the wearable technologies market is and what a great success the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup is”.
The finalists from the categories Sports & Fitness, Healthcare & Wellness, Security & Prevention, and Gaming & Lifestyle and the special categories Evolve Insurance Award and Smart Clothing will present their staggering solutions at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe hosted at the International Congress Center Munich on January 27, 2014.

Special Prizes Evolve Insurance Award and Smart Clothing
Bodytel Europe GmbH introduces a telemedicine solution, used for the remote monitoring of patients with cardiac and real failure, COPD, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The vital sensors measure and transmit the parameter via Bluetooth to and Android App and web portal, enabling the easy collection of therapy relevant activities and events.
With its WaterBlock™ the US-company HzO submitted a unique solution for water and liquid protection in all kinds of electronics and wearables. It is a robust nano coating that creates a protective barrier on the inside of the device, enabling damage to the vulnerable circuitry inside the gadget.
KeLiWei Electronic Equipment submitted “the smallest portable monitor” that measures heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate. Equipped with a Bluetooth low energy chip, the system can transmit the data and the real time waveform to a smartphone and upload the measured results to the “cloud” healthcare server for further diagnosis.
The “Smart Button” by Artur Technologies LLC is a universal sleep analyzer that can be attached to any article of clothing and is applicable to all ages. It measures movements, activity, and breathing in real-time and streams this data to a smartphone app via Bluetooth Low Energy.
After the finalists’ presentations the part of the evening, everybody has been waiting for starts: The awarding of the best solution in each category, including the special prizes Smart Clothing and Evolve Insurance Award.

However, there can only be one WT Innovator of the Year. Out of these exciting finalists, the WT Innovator of the Year will be announced. The award ceremony will take place at the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe on January 27, 2014 hosted at the International Congress Center Munich in the Blue Hall.
To register for the Wearable Technologies Conference 2014 Europe visit:
About the WT Innovation World Cup
The Innovation World Cup was first launched in 2009. The world’s leading innovation competition in wearable technologies invites contestants from all over the world to submit innovative solutions for wearable technologies in the areas of sports & fitness, healthcare & wellness, gaming & lifestyle and security & prevention. This year the WT Innovation World Cup also includes three Special Prizes. An international panel of industry experts will select the most innovative products according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.
The WT Innovation World Cup is sponsored by STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Samsung Semiconductor Europe, Allianz Digital Accelerator, AiQ Smart Clothing, C. Schneider – New Solutions, VARTA Microbattery. Further partners include SIIA, Medica, ISPO, Continua Health Alliance and Wearable Technologies Group, as well as the regional and media partners Plug and Play Tech Center, Cluster 55, Taitra, Team Cote D’Azur, Comm4Innov, Innovative City Convention, CSEM, and AlpICT.
About Wearable Technologies AG
Wearable Technologies AG is the pioneer and leading innovation and market development platform for technologies worn close to, on, and even in the body. Since 2006 the platform has successfully established a network of more than 3,000 companies, consisting of market leaders and highly innovative companies. Wearable Technologies AG aims to drive business development, technology marketing, and innovation through the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup, content management, strategy and technology consulting services, as well as international conferences and trade shows in partnership with leading trade organizations, associations, and other high-ranking partners.


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Protected: Patent Application

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Presentation deck

Added a presentation deck to

Monbaby – sleep sensor in a smart button from Arturas Vaitaitis
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Preparing the MonBaby Crowdfunding Video

Preparing the MonBaby Crowdfunding Video

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Bluetooth IWC

Bluetooth IWC

Every year, Wearable Technologies and Bluetooth SIG holds an innovation world cup where contestants submit their product ideas. Among hundreds of ideas, 9 finalists are chosen and given an opportunity to either promote their existing product or bring their ideas into fruition. Our first product, Monbaby, was one of the finalists for 2011 Bluetooth IWC.
More details on this competition can be found on the following link:

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Latest Monbaby demo – full stack: device to iphone to cloud

Monbaby is a baby health monitor with a form factor that it could be attached anywhere on baby clothing.
It measures movements, detects motions, transmits signal over Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) to an IPhone app, which analyzes and displays the data and re-transmits signals further into the cloud, where more sophisticated analysis could be done on a backend. Here is the video of the full technology pipeline:

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Fourth Iteration of Monbaby Prototype

Prototypes are meant to be molded and refined until it embodies viable set of features, given the present constraints. Prototyping a device is one thing, but refining it to fit the numerous criteria of technical feasibility, manufacturing, and final product design can be challenging.

PCB image with CR2032 battery holder to show relative size of the device

PCB image with CR2032 battery holder to show relative size of the device

That said, we are making very good progress. And these latest images show the device at its 4th iteration in its prototype stage. We are getting close, and all we need to do is to pull all the pieces together to make Monbaby into truly integrated device!

3D image of Monbaby prototype PCB

3D image of Monbaby prototype PCB

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