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MonButton – Smart button for fall detection and movement classification

A Fall and Movement Detection Wearable Sensor

Fall detection monitor is a wireless health sensor in the wearable form or as a wrist bracelet.

It detects fall or shake conditions and has a range of applications, including using it to alleviate anxiety of sons and daughters of senior parents about their health conditions, such as Alzheimer or Parkinson patients.

Youou could record and view historical graphs of signal registered by the monitor sensors.

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Launching the MonZzz – shockingly smart snoring air wearable

Posted on Jul 15, 2017 in Blog, MonButton, Products | 0 comments

    We are  starting a new product campaign on Indiegogo for the MonZzz – shockingly smart snoring aid wearable. It saves your relationships from snoring. Above is a video link, check it out, it’s pretty funny! We also start a campaign. It’s a free way to support the start of the campaign. In two weeks, thunderclap will simultaneosly send facebook and twitter messages. But for this we need to collect 250 votes. Please go here and click...

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Measurements of BLE signal indoors

Posted on Jun 21, 2016 in Blog, Monbaby, MonButton | 0 comments

Measurements of BLE signal strength (RSSI) dependency on the range indoors   Introduction There is not much results of Bluetooth Low Energy range measurements to be found on the web. The primary reason is that it’s hard to control for environment, wall and floor materials. That being said, the numerous use cases for Bluetooth LE, from now on BLE, exactly in that type of environment, indoors. We, at Mondevices, decided to fill that gap.   Description of Setup We took various BLE devices that transmit packets about 10 times per...

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Mondevices are going to the Shark Tank!

Posted on Mar 26, 2014 in Blog, Monbaby, MonButton, Products | 0 comments

Mondevices are getting into the Shark Tank at a Smart Fabrics Conference in San Francisco this April: Mondevices will be one of the “…three start-up companies or entrepreneurs will pitch a new and innovative product/technology … to our Shark Tank Panelists to get future business connections, advice and guidance. The selected projects will also have the opportunity of presenting in front of our 200+ audience of brand owners, end users, apparel companies,...

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Baby Monitor in a Button

Posted on Mar 11, 2014 in Blog, Monbaby, MonButton, Products | 0 comments

Baby Monitor in a Button Monbaby is a wearable sleep sensor for your newborn baby packed in a “smart” button. “Smart button” technology is a universal sleep analyzer that can be attached to any article of clothing. It snaps just as easily to your father’s favorite pajamas as to your newborn baby onesies. This technology have won a special prize in WT 2014 competition in Munich This technology is applicable to all ages, but we decided to first implement it parents of newborn babies and small kids. Using this product...

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Our Product is Smart Clothing Winner at Innovation World Cup in Munich

Posted on Jan 29, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Monbaby, MonButton | 0 comments

Our Product is Smart Clothing Winner at Innovation World Cup in Munich

Mondevices won a special prize at WT 2014 competition in Munich for best Smart Clothing solution -- smart button

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Monbaby Android BLE demo

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Blog, Monbaby, MonButton | 0 comments

Here is a link to a quite crude, but functional demo of a monbaby sensor transmitting accelerometer measurements wirelessly over BLE to a smartphone that routes it to the web/cloud. Monbaby android presentation

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